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With years of relevant experience and impeccable customer service under our belts, we at Livonia MI Electrician have proudly solidified ourselves as the top electrical contractors in Michigan.

Certainly. our no-frills approach paired with an honest and straightforward communication style is what separates us from our competitors. However, at the heart of our operation are skilled technicians who remain committed to providing exemplary service at an affordable price. 

Despite our reputation for integrity and excellence, we’re always working on ways to refine our skillset and elevate our business. For our Detroit electricians, the process of improvement is ongoing.

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Finding a business partner or service provider you can rely on unequivocally is always a cause for relief. Many electrical contractors in Michigan are merely concerned with getting the job done and receiving compensation.

On the other hand, our company culture is more ambitious with our business dealings. Livonia MI Electrician is not interested in procuring a one-time transactional exchange. As a locally owned and operated company, residents can trust our business was built by Michiganders for Michiganders. 

Furthermore, we are always working to create reciprocal relationships with our customers. That way, the next time you find yourself with an electrical issue, you’ll know just who to call. 

Customer service has long been a focal point of our business operation, and that fact will never change. Even as our company grows and expands, we continue to prioritize our relationships first and foremost. 

When you work with Livonia MI Electrician, you’re not just a number on an invoice or a means to an end. We’re the electricians Detroit trusts for transparent communication and personalized service.

Excellent Customer Service and Gaurenteed Satisfaction


We are the electrical contractors Detroit can rely on for a myriad of different services. Keep in mind the following services are merely a small glimpse into what we can do. If the problem is electrical in nature Livonia MI Electrician can complete the job. Nevertheless, here are some of our most popular services available at your behest when you call today.

Home Improvement

An updated electrical system is a slam-dunk for increasing your home’s value. It benefits you in a multitude of ways, as you can enjoy a brand-new system for years to come and potentially increase the profitability of your home when it comes time to sell. An updated electrical system is highly attractive to prospective buyers.

Industrial Grade Service

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to our scope of capabilities. We offer service on industrial-grade machinery designed to power large/oversized spaces.

Residential & Commercial

All of our services are available for property owners whether you own a home or oversee a business.

Repair & Installation

Our electrical contractors in Detroit will repair any faulty system, in addition to installing a new setup if need be.

& Much More! Call us today for more information on how to jumpstart your electrical project.

The Best Electricians Livonia Mi has to Offer

If the job requires assistance from an electrician Livonia MI residents can call on us for the job. We’ll be the first to admit that there are options available at your disposal, many of them will provide you with competent service. 

However, we can confidently assure you that no other electrician in the area is as concerned with customer service as we are. From the moment you reach out, to the moment we finish work on your property, we operate on a full transparency frequency. 

When you retain our services, you won’t have to worry about surprise fees, exorbitant labor costs, or prolonged deadlines. We keep you in the know because when it comes to your property, you should always be informed. We’re the electrician Detroit trusts for personalized service and full transparency.

We’ve encountered our fair share of customers who’ve had less than ideal interactions with electricians. For whatever reasons customers can find it difficult to work with electricians in Detroit and beyond. These issues can stem from general lapses in communication to poor craftmanship that requires further repairs. Our electricians are the ones you call when you need a job done right the first time around. 

Be wary of any electrician who propositions you with suspiciously low prices. Reputable Detroit electricians, like Livonia MI Electrician, will give you realistic and straightforward prices and turnaround times. As a result, we’re less concerned with being the fastest or the cheapest in the industry. Rather, we strive to be equitable in every stage of our work. 

We maintain competitive pricing, accommodating turnaround rates, and professionalism. In essence, if an electrician Detroit located contractor sounds too good to be true there’s a good chance it is.

Searching for a qualified electrician who won’t upsell you or bypass major issues can be a tedious process. Especially considering electrical issues should be dealt with in a precise manner. Our electrician Livonia MI services are ideal for those who want to invest in the proper mechanics upfront. Therefore, we approach each job with the same precision and time management skills.


Many of our clients know firsthand just how imperative it is to have functioning electrical setups in your home and business. Residents and businesses need to ensure their building is compliant and up to regulatory standard. 

If your building is going to be used in any commercial capacity, you should be innately aware of the rules and regulations. Failure to stay current on any electrical setup can translate into hefty fines and citations. Livonia MI Electrician does the heavy lifting for you, ensuring you are legally where you need to be. Don’t leave these complicated issues to chance, we’re the electricians Livonia MI locals can trust for results.

We hold our team to a remarkably high standard of excellence. Consequently, this involves curating a company culture that promotes continuous learning. Livonia MI Electrician team members are consistently expanding their knowledge in important ways. 

Even those who have achieved mastery in the industry will benefit from new learning opportunities. In short, we’re never above receiving feedback and take to heart the opinions and overall satisfaction of our customers. We didn’t become the best by side-stepping constructive criticism. Accountability will always take precedence in our business dealings.

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Certified Electrician in Livonia

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Safety is a non-negotiable component of our business operation. Livonia MI Electrician takes safety issues exceptionally seriously, whether we are dealing with our employees or customers. We only employ a high caliber of team members who can pass our background checks and quality assurance vetting. Because our electricians in Detroit spend nearly all their time in your home or business, it is paramount that they pass our security clearances. 

When it comes to your property, you deserve to feel at ease with those who are spending time in your space. Rest assured that when a team member enters your home, they have already undergone the comprehensive vetting process. Nobody will have access to your home until they have gone through our necessary channels. This includes possessing the proper licensure, accreditation, and certification. As always, these documents are available for you to verify.


In our current age of do-it-yourself rhetoric, it might seem advantageous to forgo a professional and take matters into your own hands. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why we strongly suggest you seek out a proper electrician. Our electrician Detroit MI located services are all designed with proper compliance and regulations in mind. Every locale will have its own distinct regulations, and these rules can change drastically from city to city. 

While you may be able to solve a problem in your own home, unless you have the proper skill set necessary, you risk causing an unnecessary level of damage. Matters become even more convoluted if you are trying to fix or install electric systems in a commercial building. Doubly so if you oversee any residential building in a landlord capacity. 

We strongly suggest that you hire a respected electrician to take on the job.
When you attempt to solve an electrical issue without the proper training you risk hurting yourself in the process. Always keep in mind that electrical units can be dangerous and henceforth can hurt you physically if you’re not careful. 

Our electrical contractors in Michigan have undergone all the necessary state training and licensure, ensuring they know how to safely start and finish a job. Don’t play roulette with your electrical setup. Livonia MI Electrician contractors have the proper training and credentials to securely complete any electrical job at an affordable price.

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When we say our electricians in Detroit have seen it all we mean it. Through years of hands-on experience, we’ve dealt with issues ranging across the spectrum in terms of difficulty and complexity. Likewise, we’ve overseen several new construction projects ensuring the electrical component was attended to carefully. 

Our technicians can do work on a myriad of different buildings whether they’re commercial or brand-new. For us, reliability means getting you out of the problem and into the solution in the most effective way possible. You can rely on Livonia MI Electrician to get the job done correctly or get you in touch with the proper subcontractors to do so. 

We are respected Detroit electricians who maintain positive business and personal relationships with other contractors and vendors. Above all else, our reliable nature extends to everyone we do business with from customers to fellow contractors.